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Capital Stack Optimized


Equity Placement

Locust Park Capital arranges large capital stacks of equity and debt and connects capital to institutional properties across the globe. Starting with a thorough analysis of key deal requirements, Locust Park underwrites transactions based on up to date knowledge of today’s capital Markets.  This insight allows Locust Park to match the optimal equity structure and equity partner with each project’s unique challenges.



Debt Capital

Locust Park Capital has arranged financing for many of the top real estate developers institutional investors and family offices both domestically and abroad. Locust Park’s underwriting team create best-in-class solutions for our client’s unique circumstances. Clients benefit from our deep and long-standing relationships with more than 250 capital providers, including domestic and foreign banks, insurance companies, CMBS lenders, CDO providers, credit companies, pension funds, BDCs, family offices, Agencies, REITs, private lenders, and hedge funds. Locust Park’s expedited process and tenacity allows us to quickly close transactions regardless of size, complexity or location.



Structured Finance

Locust Park Capital’s structured finance team arranges debt and equity financing for developers, institutional investors and family offices. Our proprietary process creatively fits the right blend of senior and subordinated debt products with with optimal leverage to create the most efficient cost of capital for each project.



Loan Sales & Distribution

Locust Park Capital provides for its clients a national loan sales platform that assists lenders in disposing of, acquiring and financing elements of their capital structures. Locust Park provides asset disposition services for individual loans from $10MM and up, to substantially larger portfolio loans well north of $500MM.


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